Saturday, 26 March 2011

Quick update

Hello everyone ! Just a quick update to tell you that I'll be probably quiting my course at the University. It is not what I want for me for several reasons.
These days I will be going to school anyway while I am thinking what to do. I want to move to another country to take a degree in what has been my only interest: Japanese language.
I really don't want to but it is the only option I have right now.
Hope I can update the blog soon : )
If you have something to say about this, I will really appreciate it : )
Thank you for reading and also for commenting


  1. Good luck,I quited university few years ago too.It's hard,but it's the best choice when you're insecure and frustrated about what you're studying.

  2. Well I can't say that I didn't warn japanese culture fans about this particular problem but i don't want sing the "I told you so" song either :P
    If you want to study japanese there's nothing better than taking an extra class course. There are some great japanese teachers in Porto for instance. You don't necessarily need to move to another country unless you're going to Japan obviously.
    Anyway, just figure out what you'd like to do and pick the right path to achieve that goal.(a realistic one obviously).
    Being a grown up sucks so change courses, try out things etc while you're skill young and living under your parents roof.


  3. Oh that's a big decision. I know how you feel, I left college a year ago because I had some issues with my degree and my family.. good luck!

  4. encontrei o teu blog pelo meu poupee *-* (tinha-te nos meus friends), e adorei!
    É mt fofo ^^ e estou a ver que tb gostas de gyaru-key e a marca LisLiza! É sempre bom encontrar mais meninas que gostam :D fico mesmo feliz <3
    Vou fazer-t follow ^^

    Em relacção ao teu post, já não és a primeira que se queixa do curso ser uma decepção, já umas amigas minhas me disseram. O melhor é pensares com calminha no que realmente queres e como o conseguir :) se a tua ideia é ir para outro país (tb a minha mas estou mais virada para os EUA XD), é ver o que há e como funciona, quem sabe se ainda não encontras um estágio ou um programa especial. Tenta ver no site da embaixada japonesa ^^

    bjs linda e boa sorte!