Sunday, 13 March 2011


Since I began following Japanese Street Style Fashion that I picked some pictures here and there and save them in my computer.
First I just wanted to "colect" them and go through the folder and see them when I didn't have nothing to do. In the beginning I always thought I could never look like that so I didn't take them too seriously.

For the followers of Lolita Fashion, I think it is pretty easy to find good pictures that might clear you out. You begin to notice details and come familiarized with the rules. Yes, the rules that first pissed me off were making more sense as I was progressing in the Fashion.
Now, I just feel kind of lost because simply there are no rules in Gyaru Fashion. I feel like I need rules in order to look good, look like a Gyaru.

The tanned look with big light hair isn't a rule any more. There are tons of Gyarus who model for knowned brands that have light skin and short brown hair.

A little bit tanned but the short hair is there

Liz Lisa's staff. The one in the right has light skin and short hair
(image from:

And just because there are no rules I need references. I have been going through Japanese Magazines and paying attention to the different looks.
I advice everyone to do the same. It REALLY helps! And this applies to every style, Gyaru, Mori, Pop, Lolita, Punk-rock, everything Japanese-inspired.
For the beginners or people who just want to try out different styles, starting to "imitate" the looks you see in the magazines is not a bad thing. Once you get it you can just start make everything by yourself ; )

Next entry (or the one after) I will bring you some outfits I picked for inspiration. Till then I leave you with this link where you can download J-Mags scans.
Make sure you visit and follow her blog ok ?

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  1. Ahh I feel I need some rules to pull this off as well!
    That picture you posted with the short hair girl is so cute! I've always loved that kind of hair do, but I'm not gonna cut my hair just for that :P And all that fullness in the hair, I can never manage that, my hair is so straight ;_;
    I guess I should look through some of those magazines, I've seen them before but (like every book publication online) it bothers me to read/watch a magazine/book in a computer :\
    I look forward to see the outfit you picked for inspiration! It's so good to have a friend to explore this new fashion with :D
    Thank you for your kind comments!

  2. If you have a favorite model or two, following their blogs and kind of copying their style can be more helpful than just magazines, because even in mags like Egg adn Ranzuki there are so many different gal sub-styles shown!

  3. Rules are often very helpful, so I think that emulating outfits in magazines can be a helpful step, but make sure you don't do the exact outfit. You still want to look different, right? I hope you can find your way and become an amazing gyaru! If you smile, it alwys helps! :3 ♥