Saturday, 5 March 2011

Janet Store (kawaii stationary) Review

He llo everyone ! Today I am here to make a review from Janet Store - a cute place when you can find a lot of different and adorable stationary at reasonable prices.

So, I placed my order on 21rd of February, about 1h in the morning. I chose a registered Air Mail for extra safer.

When I woke up I already had an invoice at my e-mail. I paid as soon as I saw it and in the afternoon of the same day I received an e-mail saying that they received my payment and my order was now processing.
Next day, 22nd of February, my package was shipped. It was all very clear and quick.
I received my package on 2nd of March. I wasn't expecting to receive it so quickly ! ^^

This is the package:

As you can see, all the things were well packed in a bubbled envelope.
I love the post-stamps ! It is pretty interesting to see them as I am studying Chinese also. I will definitely cut them and keep them in a box.

Next I opened the envelope and I found another envelope, very cute by the way, made of some gift wrapper paper like.

All things came in an individual plastic. Everything is so cute *-*

Cinnamoroll memo pad

Little Twin Stars Schedule Book

Little Twin Stars pen to match my planner

Communication: 5/5
Package condition: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5
Overall experience 5/5

Since my classes start at the University I noticed some changes in my memory. I used to remember all the daily stuff, people's names and faces, birthdays and all the stuff I had to do for the day. But since that, I noticed myself to suddenly don't remember basic things like the main door enter code of the building I live in during week (near college) - a code I use every single day !
I always forget what my mother told me to do, even if she finish talking about one minute ago. Pretty weird. It happens because I have to remember tons of characters and my brain wasn't used to that kind of stuff xD
So I decided to buy a planner and a memo pad to note all the things I need to remember.
I hope it will help me ! ( :

Oh, I almost forgot (xD) here is the link of the store, if you want to check it out:

Thanks for reading!


  1. Janetstore is amazing, I have actually sent an order today and its already ready to be sent. The lady are doing an great work and I have bought from the site for about 4 years now:)

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