Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lolita hiatus ?

As I was growing up I had too many confusing style phases. I was goth, headbanger, emo, visual kei, I wore all black clothes with cute thematics like ribbons and lace (don't have a name for that xD) and then I started to wear more colours because till that I only wore black and grey. Then my style became more feminine, with skinny jeans and cute tops - nothing special anyway.

Almost a year ago from now, I discovered Lolita Fashion. I started to thinking of becoming a Gothic Lolita and I bought some clothes actually. Interesting thing is I never worn it for real.
Then my tastes were moving into Sweet Lolita, but an OTT to be more specific.
It took me a while to buy something Sweet but now and then I actually bought some stuff: first a pink cardigan, hair accessories, jewellery and a pair of socks. I was, and I am now, very far away to have a complete outfit.

Recently I was prepared to buy my first Sweet Lolita dress, one of my dreamdresses. I had the money and the buyer, the only thing left was to make a deal. This buyer took more than a month to answer me but till then, I kept the money in my paypal account, waiting for her to answer.
The time was passing and I gave up checking the egl_comm_sales topic everyday. I was getting really frustrated. I ended up deleting the LJ's notification from my e-mail.

Last few days I felt like I wanted to know something new. I always loved all types of Japanese Street Style Fashion but Lolita was the only one I worked hard to know about. I ended up discovering an online store that sells Gyaru clothes. For my surprise, I loved it. It was very different from the Gyaru styles I am used to see and I really thought "I can use this everyday. It is comfortable, not very expensive and looks very cute." I fell in love with the frilly shorts and the fluffy shirts *-*

I went trough the site checking everything and putting some outfits together. I was totally seeing myself in that look, specially because since I started to save money for Lolita, my daily life wardrobe stayed basically the same - banal and non-adequate to my age and personal tastes. I needed to get some frills and pink clothes in my daily outfits !

I never wanted to stop buying Lolita. I love this fashion too much for that. It is more than clothes to me and sometimes I got really sad because I can't afford the dresses I want more frequently : / I thought too many times in quitting but I always ended up happy with small purchases like a simple pink ribbon that costed me 1 euro. You probably think it is silly but it is true...

I don't know what I am going to do yet. I really need to change my wardrobe because that clothes aren't my style and don't feet my body type any more.
After some reflection I decided to go ahead with the "Liz Lisa Style" and stop with Lolita for a while. I tought "I can restart with it when I have a job and my own money". The thing is I don't know if I can truly believe in that but is the only thing I can do right now.

About one hour ago, the girl who was selling the dress gave me an answer. "Really ? One month later ??". She said that she can do a good price for the dress and, common, it is my dream dress we are talking about! My head is just a mess right now...
I don't know if I buy the dress or I spend the money I saved in new clothes I can wear everyday...

I wrote a lot, didn't I ? I am not expecting for people to read this but I will be very happy if you do and leave me a comment about this. I just need some opinions and different points of view !


  1. aaaaw! If I were in your shoes, I'd also have a tough time deciding on which one to get first. If that dream dress of yours is still your dream dress until now and the seller can do a good price, maybe you can consider it. Things like this can only come once in a lifetime. :) Follow your heart, dear. ♥ I would be very happy to see your post about that dream dress of yours!

  2. It seems to me you're feeling just like I am at the moment.
    It feels very frustrating doesn't it? :\
    I recently took a semi-hiatus from Lolita for several reasons, one of them was financial, as I have to save up for the near future when I'm going to change my life and I need to plan ahead for that.. the other one was exactly what you described, the changing phases, the thought of quiting but loving the fashion too much, not having the money when you finally find your dream dress on sales..
    What I found curious was that you jumped to the fashion I'm currently trying to adapt to right now! Gyaru! And more curious was the style of gyaru you chose, which is the one I prefer as well, the Liz Lisa style of cutesy girly stuff ^^
    You say you didn't even try out a full Lolita outfit yet, and now you have an oportunity to get your dream dress. My opinion is that you should go ahead and buy it. It is your dream dress after all, it doesn't come by that often and with it you can try and make a full lolita coordinate and maybe get less confused and sort out your feelings..
    I would really like to discuss this further with you, as I feel we're in the exact same situation (in terms of feelings towards fashion styles) and we could benefit from each other's thoughts ^^
    Would you like to exchange emails so we can speak a bit more comfortably? I'd love to talk to someone who understand how I'm feeling at the moment :)

  3. I think you're having the typical "first stage" phase. We all went throught that. Actually when i got my first dresses i felt guilty every single time because I thought it was silly to buy things i would not wear every day.

    All you need to do is pass that step. Most people do not, that's why most people aren't lolita anyway, they just think its cute looking and they'd "like to try it".

    Lolita is supposed to eventually make you happy but to be honest if you're not engaged with people who like the same things as you do and who will encourage you and whatnot you'll likely stop making the effort. That would be my support suggestion.

    Good luck.<3