Saturday, 26 March 2011

Quick update

Hello everyone ! Just a quick update to tell you that I'll be probably quiting my course at the University. It is not what I want for me for several reasons.
These days I will be going to school anyway while I am thinking what to do. I want to move to another country to take a degree in what has been my only interest: Japanese language.
I really don't want to but it is the only option I have right now.
Hope I can update the blog soon : )
If you have something to say about this, I will really appreciate it : )
Thank you for reading and also for commenting

Sunday, 20 March 2011

J-Mags - outfits selection

Hello ! As I said in my last post, I've been looking at J-Magazines looking for inspiration, and these are the outfits I chose:

Popteen, April 2011

I love absolutely everything about the first outfit, except for the shoes >.< The floral pattern is very commun in Mori-gyaru and is a cute theme for Spring : ) I am thinking of trying the first one because it is easy to do. I just need a denim shorts and a floral top.
KERA, April 2011

This outfit is more for Winter and cold days but since in my country it still rains sometime and it gets pretty cold, I guess I may try this one : )
I don't like the shoes but in general I find it pretty adorable *-* It requires more pieces, like the barret, socks and cape but still easy to do : )

This one is from Liz Lisa Spring Collection. I really love this style *-*
I already chose one dress to make a similar look but I didn't chose the boots yet. I hope the dress from Liz Lisa fits me :/ The problem is the bust's measure but the dress have some shirring. I hope it stretches enough :/

And finally, the gorgeous Tsubasa in this gorgeous Liz Lisa dress:

Popsister, April 2011

This girl is beautiful !

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Sunday, 13 March 2011


Since I began following Japanese Street Style Fashion that I picked some pictures here and there and save them in my computer.
First I just wanted to "colect" them and go through the folder and see them when I didn't have nothing to do. In the beginning I always thought I could never look like that so I didn't take them too seriously.

For the followers of Lolita Fashion, I think it is pretty easy to find good pictures that might clear you out. You begin to notice details and come familiarized with the rules. Yes, the rules that first pissed me off were making more sense as I was progressing in the Fashion.
Now, I just feel kind of lost because simply there are no rules in Gyaru Fashion. I feel like I need rules in order to look good, look like a Gyaru.

The tanned look with big light hair isn't a rule any more. There are tons of Gyarus who model for knowned brands that have light skin and short brown hair.

A little bit tanned but the short hair is there

Liz Lisa's staff. The one in the right has light skin and short hair
(image from:

And just because there are no rules I need references. I have been going through Japanese Magazines and paying attention to the different looks.
I advice everyone to do the same. It REALLY helps! And this applies to every style, Gyaru, Mori, Pop, Lolita, Punk-rock, everything Japanese-inspired.
For the beginners or people who just want to try out different styles, starting to "imitate" the looks you see in the magazines is not a bad thing. Once you get it you can just start make everything by yourself ; )

Next entry (or the one after) I will bring you some outfits I picked for inspiration. Till then I leave you with this link where you can download J-Mags scans.
Make sure you visit and follow her blog ok ?

Thanks for reading !

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lolita hiatus ?

As I was growing up I had too many confusing style phases. I was goth, headbanger, emo, visual kei, I wore all black clothes with cute thematics like ribbons and lace (don't have a name for that xD) and then I started to wear more colours because till that I only wore black and grey. Then my style became more feminine, with skinny jeans and cute tops - nothing special anyway.

Almost a year ago from now, I discovered Lolita Fashion. I started to thinking of becoming a Gothic Lolita and I bought some clothes actually. Interesting thing is I never worn it for real.
Then my tastes were moving into Sweet Lolita, but an OTT to be more specific.
It took me a while to buy something Sweet but now and then I actually bought some stuff: first a pink cardigan, hair accessories, jewellery and a pair of socks. I was, and I am now, very far away to have a complete outfit.

Recently I was prepared to buy my first Sweet Lolita dress, one of my dreamdresses. I had the money and the buyer, the only thing left was to make a deal. This buyer took more than a month to answer me but till then, I kept the money in my paypal account, waiting for her to answer.
The time was passing and I gave up checking the egl_comm_sales topic everyday. I was getting really frustrated. I ended up deleting the LJ's notification from my e-mail.

Last few days I felt like I wanted to know something new. I always loved all types of Japanese Street Style Fashion but Lolita was the only one I worked hard to know about. I ended up discovering an online store that sells Gyaru clothes. For my surprise, I loved it. It was very different from the Gyaru styles I am used to see and I really thought "I can use this everyday. It is comfortable, not very expensive and looks very cute." I fell in love with the frilly shorts and the fluffy shirts *-*

I went trough the site checking everything and putting some outfits together. I was totally seeing myself in that look, specially because since I started to save money for Lolita, my daily life wardrobe stayed basically the same - banal and non-adequate to my age and personal tastes. I needed to get some frills and pink clothes in my daily outfits !

I never wanted to stop buying Lolita. I love this fashion too much for that. It is more than clothes to me and sometimes I got really sad because I can't afford the dresses I want more frequently : / I thought too many times in quitting but I always ended up happy with small purchases like a simple pink ribbon that costed me 1 euro. You probably think it is silly but it is true...

I don't know what I am going to do yet. I really need to change my wardrobe because that clothes aren't my style and don't feet my body type any more.
After some reflection I decided to go ahead with the "Liz Lisa Style" and stop with Lolita for a while. I tought "I can restart with it when I have a job and my own money". The thing is I don't know if I can truly believe in that but is the only thing I can do right now.

About one hour ago, the girl who was selling the dress gave me an answer. "Really ? One month later ??". She said that she can do a good price for the dress and, common, it is my dream dress we are talking about! My head is just a mess right now...
I don't know if I buy the dress or I spend the money I saved in new clothes I can wear everyday...

I wrote a lot, didn't I ? I am not expecting for people to read this but I will be very happy if you do and leave me a comment about this. I just need some opinions and different points of view !

Monday, 7 March 2011

This Was Forever's Giveaway

Hello gals ! The blogger priincess emily is making a super cute giveaway in her blog. I bet you will love it ^^ This is what you can get if you participate, and win of course : )

So many cute things don't you think ? ^^ I am already participating ; )
Do the same here:

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Janet Store (kawaii stationary) Review

He llo everyone ! Today I am here to make a review from Janet Store - a cute place when you can find a lot of different and adorable stationary at reasonable prices.

So, I placed my order on 21rd of February, about 1h in the morning. I chose a registered Air Mail for extra safer.

When I woke up I already had an invoice at my e-mail. I paid as soon as I saw it and in the afternoon of the same day I received an e-mail saying that they received my payment and my order was now processing.
Next day, 22nd of February, my package was shipped. It was all very clear and quick.
I received my package on 2nd of March. I wasn't expecting to receive it so quickly ! ^^

This is the package:

As you can see, all the things were well packed in a bubbled envelope.
I love the post-stamps ! It is pretty interesting to see them as I am studying Chinese also. I will definitely cut them and keep them in a box.

Next I opened the envelope and I found another envelope, very cute by the way, made of some gift wrapper paper like.

All things came in an individual plastic. Everything is so cute *-*

Cinnamoroll memo pad

Little Twin Stars Schedule Book

Little Twin Stars pen to match my planner

Communication: 5/5
Package condition: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5
Overall experience 5/5

Since my classes start at the University I noticed some changes in my memory. I used to remember all the daily stuff, people's names and faces, birthdays and all the stuff I had to do for the day. But since that, I noticed myself to suddenly don't remember basic things like the main door enter code of the building I live in during week (near college) - a code I use every single day !
I always forget what my mother told me to do, even if she finish talking about one minute ago. Pretty weird. It happens because I have to remember tons of characters and my brain wasn't used to that kind of stuff xD
So I decided to buy a planner and a memo pad to note all the things I need to remember.
I hope it will help me ! ( :

Oh, I almost forgot (xD) here is the link of the store, if you want to check it out:

Thanks for reading!