Thursday, 11 August 2011

Outfit of the day #5

Hello everyone ! How are you ? I hope fine (:

I've had better moments but what can I say ? Everything is going to be all right (:
Anyway, today I went to Porto in order to take a friend of mine to visit the city. I walk so much that my feet hurt and I can barely walk >.< It was a good day though. It felt very good to stand by the river with all the sun and wind in my face.

That's what I wore for today ^^

Top and shorts from Green Coast @ El Cort Inglés
Sandals from La Redoute
Bag from Details, I guess (:

My hair was very messy because of the wind but you can still see a bit of my new hair color ^^
We still had time to visit some stores and I made a little shopping, which I'll show you soon (:

When I arrived home I had two letters in the mail :3 I was so happy :3

You can look forward to something new, here on my blog, which is...Make Up ! I love Make Up but I haven't had the time to search for the right products and go out shopping for them so...
Yeah, you can look up for this (: Till then, take care *

Thank you for reading and following !

P.S: I know I haven't replied to all comments but I'll try my best to answer them all soon. Please subscribe my comments so you can receive an e-mail when I reply to your comment. I know many people don't know that I usually answer the comments right down below.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Glow Make Up Giveaway

The Glow Make Up blog is presenting this fabulous Giveway when you can win one kit of Sigma brushes.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Haul: Janetstore kawaii stationery

Hello everyone ! As I promised, here is my haul from my recent purchase at As you might have noticed, I absolutely love this store ! I have to control myself everytime I visit the store so I won't buy everything xD
This time I made a list of the things I needed and I bought some presents to some friends of mine (:
I already sent some to my friend Mafalda so that stuff won't appear at my haul.
I hope you like it and if you have some question about the store, just leave a comment and I'll answer ^^

First, Rillakuma Meets Honey Letterset:

I absolutely adore this set *-* it's so cute and full of details ! Both the paper and the envelopes are gorgeous (:

Little Twin Stars Letterset:

This set is so adorable *-* With all the flowers and polka dots ^^

Envelope sets:

My favorites are the blue and red ones with the roses *-* The back is gorgeous, with lace designs (:

Mitu Memo Pad:

This memo pad is one of my favorite buys ! The paper is so cute *-* I love it.

This pens are part of a set of three pieces. They're all presents to my friends (:

Bookmarks :

Again, this bookmarks are part of a set of four pieces and they're all presents except the blue bear one that is for me (:

And finally, Sugarbunnies pen *-*

Isn't it cute ? ^^ I love Sugarbunnies : D

Oh, I have another surprise for you... I'm a ginger now xD Look:
(sorry, derp face xD)

What do you think ? I love the color and I think it suits me well (:
I'll post more pictures of the hair lately ^^

Thank you so much for reading, commenting and following <3

Monday, 1 August 2011

Shopping haul from last month

Hello everyone ! How are you ?
I'm finally on vacations ! I mean, can I call it that when I'm unemployed ? I guess not x.x
Anyway, my volunteered program has ended and I'll be taking a couple of weeks off before starting looking for a real job...
So, I haven't updated and due to that, I have some things to show you from my last buys. This is what I got:

Sandals from La Redoute
Store is called Cote Femme or something

Denim vest also from La Redoute
Store is called ELLOS

These two items were specially chosen to match my Liz Lisa dress *-* You may see a Outfit post in the near future ; )

Sandals from La Redoute
Store is called Softgrey

And finally...

This was a Brithday present from my mother. 
The photo doesn't really shows how cute this top is!
It looks very cute while wearing it (:

I also bought two nail polishes attempting to make a mint color and this is the result:

Actually the real color is more "minty like" but I liked the color anyway (:

And what you've been doing ? Enjoying your vacations ?
I may receive my recent stationary order these days so you can look forward to that (:
Thank you so much for reading and following <3