Thursday, 4 August 2011

Haul: Janetstore kawaii stationery

Hello everyone ! As I promised, here is my haul from my recent purchase at As you might have noticed, I absolutely love this store ! I have to control myself everytime I visit the store so I won't buy everything xD
This time I made a list of the things I needed and I bought some presents to some friends of mine (:
I already sent some to my friend Mafalda so that stuff won't appear at my haul.
I hope you like it and if you have some question about the store, just leave a comment and I'll answer ^^

First, Rillakuma Meets Honey Letterset:

I absolutely adore this set *-* it's so cute and full of details ! Both the paper and the envelopes are gorgeous (:

Little Twin Stars Letterset:

This set is so adorable *-* With all the flowers and polka dots ^^

Envelope sets:

My favorites are the blue and red ones with the roses *-* The back is gorgeous, with lace designs (:

Mitu Memo Pad:

This memo pad is one of my favorite buys ! The paper is so cute *-* I love it.

This pens are part of a set of three pieces. They're all presents to my friends (:

Bookmarks :

Again, this bookmarks are part of a set of four pieces and they're all presents except the blue bear one that is for me (:

And finally, Sugarbunnies pen *-*

Isn't it cute ? ^^ I love Sugarbunnies : D

Oh, I have another surprise for you... I'm a ginger now xD Look:
(sorry, derp face xD)

What do you think ? I love the color and I think it suits me well (:
I'll post more pictures of the hair lately ^^

Thank you so much for reading, commenting and following <3


  1. You bought many cute items. I'd never seen Everything is lovely! I think I'm going to need a small shopping spree soon.

    I found your blog through swap-bot and now I'm following it.


  2. Oooh everything you got is so cute! *u*! I love the lts letterset so much! And isn't the rilakkuma one just adorable? x)! Your hair color is really cute ;A;! It suits you *u*~!

  3. Hello! I'm Gwenelle on Swap-Bot, dropping by to say hi for the Blogger Swap! Love the hair color.

    Following now too.

  4. aww that would rock so much for egl portugal penpal activity letters! I love getting cute stationary too. I always feel so eager to use it (otherwise what's the point right?)
    Love the hair color :D

  5. Aww so so so supercute! I loved the monkey envelopes <3