Saturday, 30 April 2011

J-Mags - Make Up selection

Hello everyone ! How are you ? ~
I didn't wrote it yet on my blog, but a week ago I got a new hair cut and color. I am not still used to it because it is quite short. I have had long hair for years and I haven't had it this short since I was 5 ? Yeah, big change !
The thing is it was getting pretty damaged. I was cutting each 2/3 months but I wasn't solving the problem at all. Despite I didn't love the result, I guess it was the smartest thing to do.

I have seen the same haircut over and over again in Magazines but the models actually look better with it xD
I am still figuring out how to work with it because it kind of sucks natural xD I promise I will take pictures later !

Anyway, I saw a very cute Make Up on JJ's Magazine and decided to select some of my favourite and share with you.
The first one is...

JJ, May 2011

I really love this one ! Is so cuteeee *-* the pink lipstick and blush are absolutely adorable !

Popteen, May 2011

This one is simpler but very cute ! I have been in love with nude make up colors lately ^^ It's a must try *

Sweet, May 2011

I have seen a lot of orange blushes and I really like the way it look *-* This one is not that "orangy" xD but the overall make up is very cute *

What to you think of the "orange blush" tendencies ? Do you think it is easy to pull it off ?
Hope you liked my selection !
Thank you for reading <3

Saturday, 23 April 2011

New shoes + Giveaways

Hello everyone !
Today was my first day volunteering at the museum. The all morning was so boring xD but in the afternoon I had a lot to do but it was OK.

I also bought a pair of shoes, not the ones I talked about once, I mean, I ended up buying the same model in other color. I still love them very much *-*
Take a look:

They don't seem that high but they have 9 cm heel ! Even though, they are pretty comfortable : )
Actually this is my first pair of high shoes. I wanted to start wearing heels for so long but I always had to walk a lot to school and college...

Finally, check these giveaways and the blogs too : )

Thanks for reading !
Thank you to new followers too ^^

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Haul: Liz Lisa *-* + SS review

Hello dear followers !
Last Wednesday I received my package from Liz Lisa :3

1I wasn't home so I only opened it yesterday.
I arrived home pretty late so I didn't have a good lightning to take pictures.

Today I woke up early. I had a meeting at the Museum where I was informed about what I am going to do there as a volunteer. 
I was pretty disappointed to know that I can only work there on weekends : / My boyfriend always come to visit me on weekends and it won't be easy for us to spend some time together : /

Anyway, yesterday I opened my giant box : D I was pretty happy with everything, specially because I was afraid that the dress wouldn't fit my non-skinny-asian body xD
Fortunately everything fits perfectly *-* And this is what I bought:

Liz Lisa Top

This top was kind of disappointing because the sleeves are a little bit strange : s I think I can fix it anyway, so this is not a big deal.
When used it looks cute, I have to admit : ) It has so many details *-* the lace and the buttons are pretty cute ^^

Tralala shorts

This shorts were a surprise to me ! In the website they look cute but in real life they are so adorable *-*
The lace is pretty soft.

Liz Lisa dress

I had to make this picture bigger ! I am in love with this dress *-* it is so much cute in real life than it is on the website !
The lace is amazing ! Love love love it :3 I am really happy I bought it !

 These are the details. As you can see, it has shirring in the back and adjustable shoulder straps.

I couldn't be happier with my purchase <3

As you may know, Liz Lisa's official website doesn't ship international. So, I contacted a Shopping Service named chibi-tenshi on LJ. If you are interested in requesting her SS you may read her conditions first (very important).
After I did that, I e-mailed her. She replied me quickly, letting me know that as a new costumer, she required a deposit.
It took me some time to chose what I wanted and while I was still thinking, that disaster in Japan happened. During about 4/5 days she didn't answer me and I was worried because she lives in Sendai. Fortunately she was OK. As soon as she could, she answered me. Always kept the communication.
After I chose my items she told me that Liz Lisa's store was still closed in her town so I agreed with her buying my items online. Unfortunately one item sold out, but of course, it wasn't her fault.

As soon as she received the items she shipped them to me (7th April) and I received them Wednesday, 13rd April.
Everything were well packed individual. Like this:

The picture only include my items (in the box were another three items of my dear friend Hanabira ^^)
It came with a cute note and a free shopping bag :3

Shipping Method: EMS
Payment Method: Paypal
Communication: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Condition: 5/5
Overall experience: 5/5

I will definitely contact her again in the future and I totally recommend her to you : )

Thanks for reading !

Monday, 11 April 2011

Outfit of the day #1

Hello everyone ! Today I went to my boyfriend's house. He lives in other city so I will stay here untill Friday and then he comes to my house for a week too.

The weather was so great. Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect : )
I decided to take pictures but they all look terrible because I was late and forgot my bag, sunglasses and gloss for the picture xD I grabbed all this before I left and put my gloss in the car xD
Anyway, here are the pictures:

 Top and cardigan: Tiffosi (portuguese brand)
Shorts: Pull & Bear
Sneakers: Le coq Sportif
Accessories: Decofrill

My nails are painted in the colors of the two polishes I talked about before. Sorry for not showing the color too close >.<
I will take a better picture after : )

My first outfit post really sucked xD Promise better pictures *
Thank you for reading ! ^^

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Liz Lisa 2011 SS Collection [Favourite Outfits]

Hello everyone !
So, I was planning to post yesterday because I was supposed to buy a new pair of shoes I wanted so much *-* Unfortunately they didn't have my size but the owner said that she will contact her supplier to ask more pairs and possible I will get one of my size in the colour I want :3
They are gorgeous ! *-* I hope I can get them : /

Anyway, even if I wanted to post yesterday, I haven't been able to make it. I had a meeting with the Volunteer Program and I went home pretty late T.T
They informed me that I will be volunteering at the Amadeo de Souza Cardoso's Museum ! My first option was the library but I ended up pretty glad ^^

Enough bla bla bla talking xD I don't know if you saw it already, the Liz Lisa 2011 SS Collection, but if you don't, check it here:

I select some of my favourite outfits to share with you ! This is the first one:

 This is one of my favourites ! It combines the floral top with lacy shorts, which I love *-*

 What I love the most about this outfit is the denim jacket and the lacy skirt. I am not pretty sure about the sandals :P at least I think it is not the type of shoes I'll wear.

 I chose this one because I really like to see this kind of lacy tights ! I think they're gorgeous *-* I don't like this particular dress but the general look is pretty cute !

 I know this is roomwear... I think all the clothes are so adorable *-* I would love to walk around the house dressed like this ^^

 I don't think I would wear this kind of dress. For the reason that I am pretty short and it won't look great on me. Anyway, I find it pretty cute and I loved the general look ! 

 I chose this one because it represents a trend but also because of the checked pattern, not very common but cute !

 I really like the way this model looks ! The belt may be my favourite piece ^^

And finally... OMG this dress ! I would sell my kidney to have it ! XD just kidding, but it's gorgeous anyway *-*

What do you think about the Spring/Summer trends ? And what are your favourites ?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

★snʇdɐʎ★'s and Woxje's Giveaways

Hello everyone ! My Liz Lisa package is on his way *-* but now I am here to talk about two cute giveaways !

First, ★snʇdɐʎ★'s Giveaway ! This is what you can get :

And second, Woxje's Giveaway ! This is what you can get:

You have to choose between Sweet or Rock Set. I guess I will go for the Sweet one :P
Please check her blog for more information about how to enter:

Monday, 4 April 2011

Little shopping update + free samples

Hello dear followers ! I am felling better now so I decided to show you my recent purchases.
As I said, there is a Liz Lisa package to arrive but, for now I don't have anything too special for you to see xD

Let's start with a t-shirt I bought at Springfield (for less than 5 euro ^^ ) and a denim shorts from Pull & Bear I bought to make a coordinate:

I am still looking for a cute tights or high knee socks to complete the outfit :3

Next, I bought two different shades of pink nail polish in a biiig biig chinese store located right next to the apartment I live during week (my University is in other city).
I think they costed me 1 euro each or so :P

Once I tried them together and it made a beautiful colour *-* Like a Barbie pink :P
I have to take a picture next time !

Here in Portugal we celebrate the "Father's Day" so me and my brother went to the shopping also right next to my apartment looking for something to our dad : )
We ended up buying a perfume at The Body Shop. The working lady in the store gave me a sample of their newest fragrance "Dreams Unlimited". It has a floral smell of Spring : )
Then, I received in the mail a letter from Gucci with a sample I ordered too long ago xD
The smell is great but I guess the fragrance must be too expensive for my pocket !

And this is it for now !
Thank your for reading

Saturday, 2 April 2011


Hello everyone ! Remember my last post ? So I decided to cancel my registration this or next month. Till then I will go only to Japanese classes.
I received the confirmation of my Volunteer apply. I registered about October or so and I was planning to do that in July/August but since the situation has changed I'll probably start in May.
It is a good idea I guess... Because I can start searching for a job anyway and don't need to hurry since I have something to do until June.
I hope I can still have time to study while working, if not, it won't worth it...

Anyway, I have placed my order from Liz Lisa so you can look for a post maybe next week ! *-*
I am really happy although one of the dresses I wanted sold out :/

Thanks for reading

Special thanks to Redtonic and Hanabira for the support