Saturday, 9 April 2011

Liz Lisa 2011 SS Collection [Favourite Outfits]

Hello everyone !
So, I was planning to post yesterday because I was supposed to buy a new pair of shoes I wanted so much *-* Unfortunately they didn't have my size but the owner said that she will contact her supplier to ask more pairs and possible I will get one of my size in the colour I want :3
They are gorgeous ! *-* I hope I can get them : /

Anyway, even if I wanted to post yesterday, I haven't been able to make it. I had a meeting with the Volunteer Program and I went home pretty late T.T
They informed me that I will be volunteering at the Amadeo de Souza Cardoso's Museum ! My first option was the library but I ended up pretty glad ^^

Enough bla bla bla talking xD I don't know if you saw it already, the Liz Lisa 2011 SS Collection, but if you don't, check it here:

I select some of my favourite outfits to share with you ! This is the first one:

 This is one of my favourites ! It combines the floral top with lacy shorts, which I love *-*

 What I love the most about this outfit is the denim jacket and the lacy skirt. I am not pretty sure about the sandals :P at least I think it is not the type of shoes I'll wear.

 I chose this one because I really like to see this kind of lacy tights ! I think they're gorgeous *-* I don't like this particular dress but the general look is pretty cute !

 I know this is roomwear... I think all the clothes are so adorable *-* I would love to walk around the house dressed like this ^^

 I don't think I would wear this kind of dress. For the reason that I am pretty short and it won't look great on me. Anyway, I find it pretty cute and I loved the general look ! 

 I chose this one because it represents a trend but also because of the checked pattern, not very common but cute !

 I really like the way this model looks ! The belt may be my favourite piece ^^

And finally... OMG this dress ! I would sell my kidney to have it ! XD just kidding, but it's gorgeous anyway *-*

What do you think about the Spring/Summer trends ? And what are your favourites ?


  1. Good luck on getting your shoes! I hope you can get them too *w*
    You got to volunteer at the museum, that's pretty cool :D What are you gonna do there?

    My favorite outfits are the 1st, 2nd and last ones! know what? I actually almost got that amazing last dress from Yahoo Japan Auctions, yes, that amazing dress ;_; And it was in pink too, which was the version I wanted, I've seen a lot of these dresses on auctions but they're always the white/beije ones. It's really an amazing dress! I got really sad that I couldn't win the auction for the dress so I went nuts and bought a coat and dress from Liz Lisa auctions too ;\
    Do you think I'm crazy? ;_;

    I think the summer/spring trends are pretty cute, they're focusing on retro style and florals, large sized overalls and tunics, I like it ^^
    I almost got a very cute overalls that would go awesome with gyaru yesterday but they didn't have my size! We have the same problems, they never have our sizes!! D:


  2. Para dizer a verdade nunca usaria nada tao curto, jamais XD mas adoro os padroes florais. Gosto especialmente do primeiro top. Deve ser porque me lembra um dos padroes florais mais bonitos da Btssb de a uns anos atras.


  3. You have very cute blog, love it ^www^
    All of those clothes are so lovely I can't choose which one is the best :3:

  4. @ Rock Candy and Noxin: Thank you both for commenting <3