Monday, 4 April 2011

Little shopping update + free samples

Hello dear followers ! I am felling better now so I decided to show you my recent purchases.
As I said, there is a Liz Lisa package to arrive but, for now I don't have anything too special for you to see xD

Let's start with a t-shirt I bought at Springfield (for less than 5 euro ^^ ) and a denim shorts from Pull & Bear I bought to make a coordinate:

I am still looking for a cute tights or high knee socks to complete the outfit :3

Next, I bought two different shades of pink nail polish in a biiig biig chinese store located right next to the apartment I live during week (my University is in other city).
I think they costed me 1 euro each or so :P

Once I tried them together and it made a beautiful colour *-* Like a Barbie pink :P
I have to take a picture next time !

Here in Portugal we celebrate the "Father's Day" so me and my brother went to the shopping also right next to my apartment looking for something to our dad : )
We ended up buying a perfume at The Body Shop. The working lady in the store gave me a sample of their newest fragrance "Dreams Unlimited". It has a floral smell of Spring : )
Then, I received in the mail a letter from Gucci with a sample I ordered too long ago xD
The smell is great but I guess the fragrance must be too expensive for my pocket !

And this is it for now !
Thank your for reading


  1. Ouvi dizer que és uma aspirante a gyaru *o* fikei super happy cause i love gyaru e gosto saber k existem portuguesas interessadas <3

  2. @ amai-chan
    Olá ! Sim, estou a começar ainda ^^
    Também fico contente por saber que que há mais portuguesas como eu por aí : )
    Obrigada por comentares !

  3. Estou a adorar o teu blog e omg tens de mostrar depois o que encomendaste da Liz Lisa, adoro LL ♥

    Gucci ♥-♥

    Vamos dar o nosso melhor para representar bem gyaru em PT!♥♥

  4. Eu adoro o teu blog!
    as prendas som muito cheap&chic! gostaria de ver as prendas de Liz Lisa, adoro essa marca <3

    un beijinho da gyaru espanhola XD

  5. Ah that t-shirt! *-* It's so adorable! I don't really like denim on me, but I think the shirt and the shorts look pretty cute ;D
    I also love the pink shades of the nail polish, you should post a picture of the nails next time =)
    I didn't really celebrate father's day.. just called my dad to say "happy fathers day" and that was it lol

    Kiss <3