Saturday, 16 April 2011

Haul: Liz Lisa *-* + SS review

Hello dear followers !
Last Wednesday I received my package from Liz Lisa :3

1I wasn't home so I only opened it yesterday.
I arrived home pretty late so I didn't have a good lightning to take pictures.

Today I woke up early. I had a meeting at the Museum where I was informed about what I am going to do there as a volunteer. 
I was pretty disappointed to know that I can only work there on weekends : / My boyfriend always come to visit me on weekends and it won't be easy for us to spend some time together : /

Anyway, yesterday I opened my giant box : D I was pretty happy with everything, specially because I was afraid that the dress wouldn't fit my non-skinny-asian body xD
Fortunately everything fits perfectly *-* And this is what I bought:

Liz Lisa Top

This top was kind of disappointing because the sleeves are a little bit strange : s I think I can fix it anyway, so this is not a big deal.
When used it looks cute, I have to admit : ) It has so many details *-* the lace and the buttons are pretty cute ^^

Tralala shorts

This shorts were a surprise to me ! In the website they look cute but in real life they are so adorable *-*
The lace is pretty soft.

Liz Lisa dress

I had to make this picture bigger ! I am in love with this dress *-* it is so much cute in real life than it is on the website !
The lace is amazing ! Love love love it :3 I am really happy I bought it !

 These are the details. As you can see, it has shirring in the back and adjustable shoulder straps.

I couldn't be happier with my purchase <3

As you may know, Liz Lisa's official website doesn't ship international. So, I contacted a Shopping Service named chibi-tenshi on LJ. If you are interested in requesting her SS you may read her conditions first (very important).
After I did that, I e-mailed her. She replied me quickly, letting me know that as a new costumer, she required a deposit.
It took me some time to chose what I wanted and while I was still thinking, that disaster in Japan happened. During about 4/5 days she didn't answer me and I was worried because she lives in Sendai. Fortunately she was OK. As soon as she could, she answered me. Always kept the communication.
After I chose my items she told me that Liz Lisa's store was still closed in her town so I agreed with her buying my items online. Unfortunately one item sold out, but of course, it wasn't her fault.

As soon as she received the items she shipped them to me (7th April) and I received them Wednesday, 13rd April.
Everything were well packed individual. Like this:

The picture only include my items (in the box were another three items of my dear friend Hanabira ^^)
It came with a cute note and a free shopping bag :3

Shipping Method: EMS
Payment Method: Paypal
Communication: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Condition: 5/5
Overall experience: 5/5

I will definitely contact her again in the future and I totally recommend her to you : )

Thanks for reading !


  1. So cute clothes!! *www* I agree with you about that dress, it's gorgeous! I'd like to have it too, watch out for me! If I knew where you live I would steal it or something... >;D

  2. @ Rock Candy:

    AHAH I live in Portugal : D with the money you will spend on the plain ticket you could buy a few dresses like this XD

    Thank you for commenting <3

  3. wahhh as tuas roupas sao tao adora'veis. gosto principalmente dos calçoes da tralala :D devias postar fotografias tuas a usares a roupa. n percebo muito bem do q queres dizer com o facto das mangas serem estranhas mas espero q consigas resolver esse assunto **

  4. O vestido é perfeito!! Quero um pra im!
    Também adorei os shorts. ^^

  5. I use her as a shopping service for moitié too ^_^;

  6. woah tanta coisa linda *o* isso custou-te quanto??? |:

  7. @ redtonic:

    She is great : ) I actually found about her at EGL PT.

    Obrigada ! Não foi muito caro porque estava tudo em saldos :D
    O mais caro foi o vestido que custou cerca de 6000 ienes mas valeu a pena : )

  8. Tão girooo! Adoro!
    LL é awesome!

    Acho que vou usar o mesmo shopping service, thanks pela recomendação *-*