Monday, 11 April 2011

Outfit of the day #1

Hello everyone ! Today I went to my boyfriend's house. He lives in other city so I will stay here untill Friday and then he comes to my house for a week too.

The weather was so great. Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect : )
I decided to take pictures but they all look terrible because I was late and forgot my bag, sunglasses and gloss for the picture xD I grabbed all this before I left and put my gloss in the car xD
Anyway, here are the pictures:

 Top and cardigan: Tiffosi (portuguese brand)
Shorts: Pull & Bear
Sneakers: Le coq Sportif
Accessories: Decofrill

My nails are painted in the colors of the two polishes I talked about before. Sorry for not showing the color too close >.<
I will take a better picture after : )

My first outfit post really sucked xD Promise better pictures *
Thank you for reading ! ^^


  1. Your shoeesss~~. <33 And I like the colour palette of your outfit- very girly. :]

  2. Yay boyfriend time! xD It's great when you can stop by each others house for some days, I hope you guys have fun and happy times together ^^
    My boyfriend lives in another city as well so I don't get to see him that often :P
    Your outfit is very simple and girly, perfect for a nice walk in the sunny park just chilling. I like both shades of pink and I love the acessories hehe, you should take a full body shot, you have such a pretty face, don't hide it behind the camera :3

    (I also replied to your comment in my post, I've seen lots of people do this so I'm going to start doing it too!)

  3. És do Porto não és? TT É uma pena pq eu sou de Lisboa, é complicado quando fizermos um meet de Gyarus mas havemos de nos reunir todas!!

    Decofrill tem coisas tão giras!!

    Mal posso esperar por ver os sapatos de que tanto falaste no ultimo post, também tenho uns debaixo de olho e mal posso esperar para os comprar *-*