Sunday, 20 March 2011

J-Mags - outfits selection

Hello ! As I said in my last post, I've been looking at J-Magazines looking for inspiration, and these are the outfits I chose:

Popteen, April 2011

I love absolutely everything about the first outfit, except for the shoes >.< The floral pattern is very commun in Mori-gyaru and is a cute theme for Spring : ) I am thinking of trying the first one because it is easy to do. I just need a denim shorts and a floral top.
KERA, April 2011

This outfit is more for Winter and cold days but since in my country it still rains sometime and it gets pretty cold, I guess I may try this one : )
I don't like the shoes but in general I find it pretty adorable *-* It requires more pieces, like the barret, socks and cape but still easy to do : )

This one is from Liz Lisa Spring Collection. I really love this style *-*
I already chose one dress to make a similar look but I didn't chose the boots yet. I hope the dress from Liz Lisa fits me :/ The problem is the bust's measure but the dress have some shirring. I hope it stretches enough :/

And finally, the gorgeous Tsubasa in this gorgeous Liz Lisa dress:

Popsister, April 2011

This girl is beautiful !

Thanks for reading


  1. The winter outfit might be my favourite. <33 All of 'em are adorable. C:

  2. Great inspiration!
    The styles I like more are the first girl in Popteen, but I also love the braided hair on the other! I love florals, bu t I don't really care for denim, I'm gonna try to make my style similar to that but with some other fabric shorts or skirt.
    I also love the girl in the Liz Lisa Spring Collection photo, It's so simple and so cute! It's a super simple way to start, just a dress, boots, hair accessory, some jewelry and of course the hair and make up :P

    Tsubasa is beautiful T^T
    Man I love Liz Lisa stuff..