Friday, 24 June 2011

I feel like talking...

So today I will just talk about some things and that's it, nothing special or particularly interesting xD
I'll start with the reason I haven't updating the blog...

On 10th June I was informed that I won this Giveaway I blogged about here. I was so happy 'cause I never won anything xD I chose this beautiful necklace although I didn't have nothing to go with it !
Anyway, last Saturday I went shopping and I bought a matching t-shirt and shorts :3 So I was waiting for the necklace to come in the mail so I can take pictures of the outfit and show you guys.
BUT, it didn't came after two weeks so I'm still waiting for it.

Today I ordered this cute denim jacket/vest and a cute pair of sandals to go with my Liz Lisa dress. It's like a gift for myself because my Birthday is next month ^^
I'm not planning buying any clothes in the near future so I spent a little these past few weeks.

And Monday I'll start working ^^ I mean, it's this payed volunteer program I talked about previously. Finally something to do. You know, it can be really boring staying home all day, all week.
I've started writing fanfics. Do you know what it is ? Basically it is a story that you write based on characters of a certain tv show, movie, anime, etc. I'm writing about Glee and I'm thinking of make a new blog where I post my fics (:

Well, I think that's it xD
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P.S: Mi, se estás a ler isto, para ti oh <3


  1. estou a ler claro. Com o nome de senhor evoken.
    O teu blog de gaija é mesmo fofo. Quando decidir ser gay, ja sei onde venho copiar tudo!

    Oh, oh <3

  2. Uhh I wanna see that denim vest *_* I don't like denim for myself but I love seeing it with gyaru, does that make any sense? :P
    Congratulations on winning the giveaway :D Hope you get it soon :)
    I'm glad you finally get to work and do something, I love being lazy around the house but too much makes the mind and body numb and is not healthy at all. But I still wish I had some time for myself, I always have work-housechores-meetings-boyfriend-family-work-housechores and sometimes I get very sick for not having time to rest, eat and sleep properly ;|
    I love Glee! People are always making fun of me because of that but I don't care, I even sing the songs (I have one poorly recorded at my youtube channel lol, I need to get myself a microphone..), I'd love to read your fanfic, is it about a person in specific? :o
    I clicked your mellon bunny x3

  3. @Evoken: AHAH desculpa lá, mas alguém chamado Mi, sounds pretty gay to me XD
    Mas obrigada pelo elogio ("O teu blog de gaija é mesmo fofo") :D

  4. @ Hanabira: Well, it is not that I don't like denim jackets or vests but I think it can ruin your outfit very easily when not put together with the right pieces. But when I first tried out my dress I knew I would have to wear something to hide out my boobs xD And I figured a denim jacket would be fine xD But yeah, what you said totally makes sense to me :b
    And thank you ^^
    Sometimes I love that too, you know, maybe lay in bed all day watching movies xD but after some time doing the same things .__.
    You should rest dear <3 I have the example of my mom 'cause she is always working, at work and home; studying at the same time; while having a lunch to prepare even before going to work in the morning 'cause my dad is coming to lunch at 12.
    Oh you love Glee ? *-* Well I know what that is because my friends and brother are always making fun of me too but I don't care :b
    It's a funny thing because I don't like the songs very much (I don't usually listen to pop music) but I love the characters and everything else ! It's an addiction, I confess. I must have seen each episode at least 5 times xD
    Well, my favorite character is Jesse St. James <3 I even have a crush on the gay dude who plays the character AHAH xD So, my fics are what I call "a St. Berry fic" - pairing Jesse and Rachel.
    WTH, I will post them in another blog and I know I have at least one person reading them xD
    Thank you for clicking :3

  5. oh oh


    E se for, ciumes é? xD
    muahahhahahahahahah rofl.

    Ganha mazé juízo ><


  6. @ Evoken:

    Shut up xD
    Sabes que és provavelmente o meu único seguidor masculino não sabes ? xD

  7. ai sou?

    omg, o meu género então começa a ser duvidável or what? o.O

    ahahahhahahaha xD