Wednesday, 8 June 2011

10 [very] Random Facts About Me

Hey everyone ! I've been seeing a lot of these "Random facts" in other blogs and I find it funny to read so I decided to write about myself  (:

1. I born with black hair and when I was about three years old it suddenly turned blonde.
2. When I was a kid, I used to be a sleepwalker xD The last time I remember sleepwalking I should be about 15 years.
3. I wear glasses since I was 6 because I born with myopia. 
4. I learned how to swim by accidentally falling into a lake xD
5. I usually don't wear green, orange and yellow clothes except if they're part of a motif or something.
6. I don't like clowns, they freak me out xD
7. I love to bake and for me, the best part is to eat the cake batter. I really prefer the batter to the baked cake itself.
8. I only have one piercing (nose). After I got my piercing I wanted to get more but I changed my mind (for now).
9. If I really like a movie, I can watch it over and over again and never get sick of it.
10. I consider myself a strong person but I cried in almost every single episode of Glee xD I also cry everytime I see movies like "Juno", "The Butterfly Effect", "The Inception"...yeah, the Inception !

So, do we have anything in common ? ^^
If you ever write a similar post, let me know. I would like to read it (:

Thanks for reading, commenting and following <3


  1. Your hair changed color? Wow that's cool! Mine just turns gray. Haha.


  2. @ lasophia: Yes it changed xD well, after that it became darker and now my natural color is dark brown. But I was naturally blonde for maybe three years (:

  3. Neat my hair recently changed from dark brown to red due to the sun and it's ok my sister gets freaked out by clowns too :)

  4. @SerenityAngel: Well I don't think it was the sun 'cause I was so little. Yeah clowns are scary x.x I always try not to pass by those making balloons on the street and if they come in my direction I just run xD

  5. Awesome! :D I love the cake batter more than the baked cake too! I usually keep some batter in a cup aside for self consumption and put it in the fridge so I can munch on it whenever I want xD
    Now I feel inspired, I'm gonna do one too :D

  6. @Hanabira: When I am putting the batter in the cake pan, I leave some in the bowl and then I eat it : D I don't leave too much cause my mom always complains about it xD
    Wanna see it :3

  7. really cute post! that is funny that you learned to swim by falling in a lake! i can also seem movies over and over again! :)

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