Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Let's Go Navy !

Hello everyone ! How are you ?
I am so tired T.T I've been volunteering in the past few weeks and I am leading the "ATL" program. We have about 35 kids with ages between 6 and 15. Me and the other coordinator do various activities with them, like painting, playing games, taking them to the swimming pool or to the Zoo, etc.
It's very difficult to handle so many kids running and talking out loud and never listen what we have to say. I hope it gets better when we'll have the help of another two people to coordinate the program with us.
Anyway, today I bring you some of mu recent purcheses for a look I picked to Summer time: Navy !
This is what I bought:

T-shirt: Pull&Bear
Shorts: Pull&Bear
Necklace: Handmade with love

Shorts details:

I really love the fabric of the shorts :3 It's a simple look I'll wear next Tuesday when taking the kids to the Swimming Pool (:

What do you think of this trend ? Do you like it ?

Thank you for reading and keep following <3
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  1. Hello!
    It must've been like hell taking care of kids so young! I love k ids but sometimes I just don't have the patience ;_; They totally wear you out.
    I rally love that combination, marine-style is so cute and I can't imagine anything that screams more summer than those marine-theme outfits :D
    I'm sorry I still haven't wrote to you, but I will soon ;_;

  2. Hi!!

    Just popping over from the Read my Blog! NEWBIE FRIENDLY swap at swapbot my username is Selene16.

    Just clicked on your Squiby and leveled him up apparently so yay!

    I love your outfit in the post, it looks lovely.

    Mei Li is beautiful I adore animals give her a hug from me :).

    I look forward to reading more that you write.

    Sarah x

  3. Very lovely indeed :) ~ Beverley xx