Saturday, 7 May 2011

Shopping Haul + Event Review

Hello everyone !
How are you ? ^^ I am not so good cause my throat has been hurting since Thursday and isn't getting better at all : / I haven't sleep well and I barely can speak : /

Anyway, as I said in my previous post, today I went to this event "Stock Market". My boyfriend went to the same event about three years ago and he was like "There's so many people you can't walk properly", "It's better if you go on the first day or else you won't buy anything good". I went on the morning of the second day, just in case, but it ended up being quite disappointed...
There was a good number of people but not so much as I was imagining. The place was big but there was a quite space left without anything. I didn't get why, because the stores were very closed to each other and sometimes I got confused about where I was shopping at XD 

Also, some stores didn't have changing rooms. There were in fact, changing rooms in the middle of the complex but if we wanted to go there, some of the stores' employees would come with us for security (of the item, not us xD).

One thing I was expecting to find there, or not find in that case, was small/medium numbers. There were a LOT of big numbers and just a few of medium ones. So I didn't bought any jeans because of that -.-
The variety of brands wasn't that big too, but the products had good quality. Also, despite the big sales, I would say that like 75% of the items were still expensive ! Jeans for 100 to 200 euro ! ( I was wondering it they had some gold in the pockets -.- ) It means that they previous costed like +250/300 € ! - not for me ...

I saw this D & G belt, super cute *-* for 80€ and bags for like 150€ ! I mean, no thank you ! So as you probably would guess, I didn't bought as many things as I was thinking of... Anyway, I still got three cute things *-*
And here they are:

Brand: Duarte Lopez (have no idea who this guy is xD)
Price: 48.90€ 39.90€

I really love this cardigan *-* The picture doesn't show how beautiful it is !
The lace around the neck is so beautiful and full of details *-* It has bows and pearls *-*
 I don't think you can see it, but the cardigan has bows all over the fabric  ^^ and the buttons are bow shaped as well.
I can see that the quality is really good or else I wouldn't buy it for that price.

Brand: Napapijri 
Price: 173.88€ 52€

That's what I call a good deal ! XD 
I really love this salopette ! The fabric is really thin and great for summer ! The details are very cute *-*
I am thinking of wear it with a floral top, strap sandals and straw hat ^^ 


Brand: local jewelry maker
Price: 10€

And that's it ! I was a little bit sad for not buying more things but I am pretty happy with the choices I made ^^
Thanks for reading and for following too <3


  1. Aww pity you didn't find more inexpensive stuff and in your size ;| I think you got some really cute items though, I love that cardigan and the salopette! I can totally see the bows on the fabric, so cute! <3 I've been wanting a salopette for a while now, to wear now in summer, they always look so cute :3
    I'm a cheap-stake, I wouldn't buy something for 50€+ if I didn't fell in love with it immediately xD
    I hope you get better soon, I'm sick too, my throat is killing me as well, last night was really hard to fall asleep because I think I was coming down with a bit of fever.. :\ Be sure to take some medicine and plenty of rest!
    I'll be writing you a letter this weak, I just want to find some cute stationary first :3

  2. @ Hanabira Keiko:

    Yeah, I don't know if I will come back there next time...
    I am glad you liked the cardigan ^^ the details are really beautiful *-*
    Yes the salopette wasn't cheap but you can tell the quality is really good just by touching the fabric. So, I supposed it will last longer and because it is a simple piece, I guess I can wear it despite the tendencies ^^ I decided to give it a try :P
    Today I woke up with my left eye swelled OMG XD My nose is so messy that I barely can breath from the left side, and cause of that my eye got like that XD
    I am taking medicine but if I dont't get better till tomorrow, I will have to take an antibiotic : s
    I don't have fever though... I hope you'll get better soon :3
    Oh ok, I have to buy cute stationary too ^^ When I was looking for a cute agenda, I found a site that sell a lot of cute stationary for very good prices. I will try to find it :3

  3. O cardigan é lindo!! Adorei o detalhe na gola. Quero muito um desses!

    Sim, aqui na minha cidade o mínimo que chega é 21,5°C ._.
    Muito quente!