Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Haul: Recent Purchases

Hello everyone !
Pass few days I've been without internet connection >.< So this post came a little bit late...
Last Friday I went shopping alone because my boyfriend had stuff to do at school and I ended up buying cute things :3
I went shopping at El Corte Inglés, a department store, which I never go shopping because my boyfriend hates this kind of mall xD
I was surprised to see their "collection" of Make Up brands stores. So many ! I will definitely come back there to shop for Make Up products.

I went specially for two stores I heard a lot about at Fashion Magazines. The prices are almost the same as stores like Zara, and a little bit more expensive than H&M. I find the quality very good for the price you pay, especially the accessories. Take a look:

I love this necklace ! *-*

This one looks fabulous while wearing !

Both from:

The shorts came with this belt:

Everything from:
Green Coast

Last item came in the mail last week. I really wanted a pair of strapped sandals but I always found them at international online stores, I mean, the ones I liked the most. I was worried about the extra taxes and shipping so I decided to give La Redoute a shot ; )
I am really happy with this item ! I can't say they're cheap because they're not, but at least the quality is very good and I think they'll last longer : ) 

Mellow Yellow (by La Redoute)

If you want to know about prices or something, let me know : )
Thanks for reading ! <3


  1. I love your little shopping posts, all I do is post stuff on poupee and that's it. I must say our styles are completely different but still that first necklace does look adorable. I love butterfly everything. ^_^;

  2. I loove that second necklace

  3. @ Crysta and Cs1993: Thank you for commenting ^^

  4. Gosh: you buy the best stuff. Spring-y, chic, but still mature. :]

    That last tank top is gorgeeouss~.

  5. I love those necklaces! I wish I could have the second one, it would look awesome with a skirt I have, it seems so luxuriant :D I love the shorts too, simple yet cute with cord belt, and the floral tops are adorable, I love everything floral ;p
    P.S. I've sent you a letter last week, hope it arrived/s safe!

  6. @Noxin: Oh thank you ! Just letting you know that you don't need a lot of money, but finding the right stores (:

    Aaw thank you ^^ If you can you should visit El Corte Inglés in Lisbon (: I bet you'll find some cute accessories to go with your clothes (:

    Yes, I received it yesterday *-* I haven't bought the letter papers yet. I was planing to place my order soon but when I finished choosing my items, the shipping was more expensive than the items themselves >.<
    Anyway, I will bought a paper/envelope around here so you don't have to wait and then next time I'll write you with the new cute paper :3