Sunday, 29 May 2011

Outfit of the day #4

Hello everyone !
Today I traveled to Porto to see my boyfriend. I am staying here for the week (:
My outfit was very difficult to chose because the weather was pretty unstable... One moment was sunny, and suddenly a big storm came out, and then, sun again x.x
Anyway, I didn't wear my new sandals because I was afraid it would rain, and gladly I did.
So this was my outfit for the day:

Cardigan: Duarte Lopez
Jeans: Tiffosi (portuguese brand)
Shoes: local store
Bag: Pacco Martinez

And here, (a ugly picture of myself) for my friend Hanabira, 'cause she is always complaining that I never show my face :P

Finally, meet my lovely kitty, Mei Li ^^

Thank you so much for reading, and please keep following <3


  1. Yes! :D You're so pretty, don't be ashamed to show your face ^^ that cardigan is so much love <3
    I actually noticed you're matching with your kitty ;p that fluffy paw *_*

  2. @ Hanabira: Well, is not that I am ashamed, it's more like I don't love the way my face turns in some pictures .__.
    But anyway, I will try to be more photogenic :P

    Isn't she adorable ? *-*

    ps: Did you received my letter ? :3

  3. I really like the detail at the top of the cardigan. <33 Very pretty. (Also, good job adapting to the crazy weather.)

    And d'awwww: your kitty is so cute! :33 Makes me wish I had a cat. (My dog would never stop barking, though, if I had one. Haha.)

  4. @ Noxin: Thank you <3 Yes I think I did since as soon as I left the subway, it started raining again xD

    Oh I think you should :3 cats are so adorable and affectuous with their owners : )
    My neighbor as a dog and he is always surrounded with cats and everything xD he is kind of sweet to them :3

  5. Olá Miaaw,tudo bem?
    você ficou linda com os cabelos mais claros.
    Sinto saudades de você,só passei para saber como está e deixar um beijinho.