Monday, 16 May 2011

Outfit of the day #3

Hello everyone !
So in a few hours I'll travel to Porto to see my boyfriend. I took pictures but they didn't came out well. I am using a new camera and I am having trouble with it so xD
Anyway, here's the outfit for today ^^

Top: Cheyenne (portuguese brand)
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: (local store)
Bag: Pacco Martinez
Bracelet: (local store)

(Sorry for the dirty mirror xD)

These week you can look forward another "I do want" and hopefully my recent bought :3
Thank you for reading and following <3


  1. I like those jeans~! <3 I'm really awful at finding jeans that fit me well, for some reason. Haha.

    And a tube top! o: You're brave to wear one of those: I'm always afraid they will slip down. >.>''

  2. @ Noxin: Actually the jeans didn't fit me when I bought them, but my aunt is a dressmaker and she fixed them for me : D
    This tube top is kind of elastic on the bust so it stays in place : ) Otherwise I don't think I'll wear it xD
    Thank you for commenting <3

  3. It looks fresh and with a hint of glamour (the bracelet and black) ;D
    I can't wear those kind of tunics, my bust looks really weird.. it's a shame because I really like to see them in other people. Also love the bag! I wish I could see the shoes though :P Show your face, you have a pretty face! ^^

  4. @ Hanabira:
    Oh thank you : )
    The shoes are these ones :
    You can't see them nor my face because I can't fit into the mirror wearing heels XD
    I was having a lot of problems capturing all my body with the camera xD I ended up taking pictures from the bottom of my neck and even doing that, you can't see my shoes properly .___.
    I guess I'll have to move my mirror other way x.x
    When I improve my make up skills you'll see more face shoots *promise* : )