Sunday, 20 February 2011

Recent purchases ^^

Tomorrow I will go back to college ! My 5 weeks of holidays are over and I don't want to leave my comfy house to go to that apartment in that boring city !
In this 5 weeks I barely studied when I was supposed to being study harder ! I guess I wasn't in the mood for that x'D but you know, now that I have to go back I have to start studying everyday and I probably I won't have time to blog as much as I do now, or as I wish to.

So, my recent purchases are:

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright socks *-* My first brand item xD I bought them in their Paris store, but on-line. They are pretty basic but cute ^^

Next items are from Decofrill, an on-line store that sells cute handmade accessories ^^

Well, I hope you like it ^^
Thanks for reading


  1. Your purchases are super cute!
    It must be hard getting back on track with studies, good luck with college! ^^

  2. awh very cute cutes ^^ I wish I could afford brand socks :3 and i lovemacaroon ^^ i want to try some and eat them :3

  3. love the socks! ^_^ i wish I can have my own pair too.. the cupcake ring is so yummy! :))