Friday, 11 February 2011

Recent Purchases

Today I bring you some things I bought for Lolita. Not everything is new but I will show you anyway ; )

Ok, I bought these cute bows while I was on vacations so it was like, in August ? xD They were pretty cheap : )

Next item is a purple pearl necklace. This was a trade I made on LJ. It is very cute *-* I don't have any purple/lavender items for Lolita right now but I can use it with my regular clothes too.

Next is my current favourite item *-* is a bracelet from Chocomint I bought at a Lolita local store (Améthyste). I just love evrything in that bracelet !

I have more items to show but I didn't take pictures to all of them yet, so you'll wait for the next post : )

Thanks for reading *


  1. I like your items!
    They're very subtle and simple but are just what it takes to complete an outfit and make it even more adorable! :D

  2. Que super fofas as suas aquisições.
    Fiquei encantada com a puseira, tem detalhes no laço, adoro esse tipo de coisa.

  3. One can never own too many ribbons, right?
    I really appreciare your suport. If only all so called japanese fashion fans wou step by the store and buy something small and cheap it would be a big improvement.
    So thank you.