Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Quick update !

  • Get up early
  • Don't sleep enough
  • Notice a wrinkle in the face (OMG ! *panic*)
  • Walk to college while raining
  • Get wet
  • Don't remember the chinese characters
  • Don't understand the Zhang's questions because I didn't study during holidays
  • Don't remember the japanese kanji (for the same reason)
  • Notice that your japanese teacher, who is about 55 years old, looks better than you
  • Go back home while is freezing outside
  • Eat something and study japanese
  • Back pain
  • Study japanese
  • Eyes burning
  • Study japanese
  • Eat dinner, which sucked by the way
  • Study japanese
  • OMG my back hurts ! I have to go to bed.. ahm, and study japanese !

I hope that your day was better than mine ! Aff...


  1. Aw..
    Tough day huh? :|
    Happens to me all the time xD
    I've been running on bad luck too lately.
    If you rest a bit more you might be able to study better :)

  2. oh you're such a dedicated student. I'll make sure someone here knows you've been studying hard. haha
    You did a ton of things, my days are not very productive.